May 6-8 2016

*Canjun Weekend 2016 is CANCELED*

Cajun Accordion
Wilson Savoy

Wilson will be teaching how to play the accordion and make it sound Cajun, emphasizing rhythm and syncopation, the two ingredients that really make the instrument sound CAJUN and give the music that special beat and feeling that makes everyone want to dance.

Class Level: Beginner to Advanced

Wilson Savoy, Cajun accordion, piano & vocals, has played accordion for most of his life, having been given as a child a hand-built accordion by his father, Marc Savoy. The accordion was built from the wood of a sassafras tree that was planted by Wilson's grandfather. It was not until Wilson moved to Baton Rouge to study at the University where he became completely addicted to playing and progressing on the accordion, inspired by the styles of his heroes, Iry Lejeune, Amede Ardoin and naturally his father, Marc Savoy. He introduced the piano to the Pine Leaf Boys in early 2012 (piano being his first instrument, inspired by Jerry Lee Lewis' wild boogie-woogie style).

Wilson has taught Cajun Music Ensemble at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for 3 years, and continues to teach one-on-one lessons through the University, all through the Tommy Comeaux Endowment. In 2013, Wilson won the GRAMMY® with the band Courtboullion (Wayne Toups, Steve Riley and Eric Frey) for Regional Roots. Wilson was awarded the key to the city of Lafayette in April 2013 by Mayor Joey Durel.

Wilson has appeared on HBO's "Treme" playing the role of himself in three episodes, as well as the film "All the King's Men" with Sean Penn and John Goodman. Wilson continues to travel with the Pine Leaf Boys, as well as the Savoy Family Band (mom, dad, and brother Joel), as well as visit jam sessions around Lafayette. He is also currently producing a new documentary about legendary Wayne Toups (

Cajun Fiddle
Joel Savoy

The purpose of this class is to provide students with a deeper understanding of fiddling through Cajun music. Based on a diatonic scale with simple chord patterns, Cajun music is an excellent introduction to chord theory as it applies to the violin, rhythm patterns and improvisation. What we learn in this class will be useful to anyone interested in playing any genre of fiddle music.

Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Joel Savoy is a seasoned musician, a Grammy award-winning producer and recording engineer, and founder of Valcour Records. Growing up literally at the feet of the Cajun greats, he has been fiddling since the age of 12 and has worked with just about every band out of Southwest Louisiana, as well as John Fogerty, Linda Ronstadt, Steve Earle, T-Bone Burnett and more. He is a two-time winner of the Cajun French Music Association’s Fiddler of the Year award and he has toured the world with the Savoy Family Cajun Band and his own band, The Cajun Country Revival. He has taught Cajun fiddle for 15 years at the Festival of American Fiddle Tunes, The August Heritage Center, Louisiana Folk roots, The Blackpot Camp and other festivals and workshops around the world.

Cajun Guitar
Ann Savoy

Ann will teach many popular Cajun songs and will supply song sheets for you. Simple guitar chords will be shown and the various styles of guitar playing covered. Guitar will be the secondary goal in the course with an emphasis on songs and vocals.

Class Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Ann Allen Savoy is a musician, photographer, record producer, and writer.  She is the author of the book, Cajun Music: A Reflection of a People Volume 1, which won the prestigious Botkin book award from the American Folklore Society. She has been nominated for four Grammys, has been touring the world playing Cajun music with her husband Marc and Michael Doucet, the Magnolia Sisters, and the Savoy Family Band for the past thirty years. She continues to write books on Cajun music and tours constantly with all of these bands. An avid photographer since high school, her photos have been exhibited at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and at the Festival of American Music in Eugene, Oregon.

cajun cooking mini class
marc savoy

All students will have the option to take Marc's cajun cooking class Saturday afternoon. Using fresh and local ingredients, Marc will teach the students to prepare traditional cajun dishes. 

Marc Savoy was born and raised in the small Cajun prairie town of Eunice, Louisiana. Drawing inspiration from 'bals de maison' (house dances) in his father's outdoor kitchen, Savoy obtained his first accordion and began playing it at the age of 12. Playing the instrument led to repairing it and after disassembling enough accordions he began to build them. Playing the accordion has always been a natural part of his life from the dancehall to the home. The musicians with whom he has played Cajun music read like a who’s who of the finest in Cajun music, from the Balfa Brothers, DL Menard, Doc Guidry to early fiddle masters Dennis McGee and Wade Fruge. Later he played the Texas “ Cajun Triangle“ dancehalls and recorded some 45 rpms on the legendary producer Huey Meaux’s Crazy Cajun label. Most recently he has been playing the world over with the Savoy Family Cajun Band and the Savoy Doucet Cajun Band.