July 21-24, 2015

Entrelac Knitting
Rebecca Haller

This class covers the basics of entrelac. Together we will explore some of the history and foundations of this beautiful technique. The class will start with learning all about the triangles and units that make up entrelac, and then progress to learning some time saving techniques for all of your future entrelac projects. Let me show you why entrelac will quickly become your next knitting addiction!

Class Level: Intermediate

Rebecca's Haller's Grandmother taught her to knit when she was around 17 years old. After a brief hiatus, she has been delving more deeply into  knitting for the past 8 years. She enjoy splaying with color and texture in her knitting. Next to entrelac, her favorite things to knit are socks and anything containing cables.

Fiddle I: Irish Fiddling for the Budding Beginner – Fun & Easy Irish Trad Tunes

In this workshop for beginning & intermediate fiddlers new to (or somewhat familiar) with the Irish style, we’ll explore some history of Irish fiddling, listen to solo playing, and learn some typical tunes from the Irish fiddlers’ standard repertoire. In addition, we’ll study bowing styles and ways of ornamenting notes for that authentic Irish sound. Tunes will be taught from a combination of written sheet music (provided), and some playing by ear, so students may want to bring an audio recording device as well. 

Class Level: Beginner/ Intermediate

Tom Morley been a professional violinist & fiddler since the late 1970s, and a fixture of the Gulf Coast music scene for over 20 years playing professionally in Celtic, bluegrass, classical, swing, Americana and country styles. As an Irish fiddler, he has made multiple research and performance trips to Ireland. He is a founding member of Celtic/world music group Mithril. His latest Irish duo project Banna de dhá (with Charleston SC guitarist/vocalist Hazel Ketchum) has performed on Celtic festivals and concert series and their CD ‘Band of Two’ has received airplay on radio stations across the U.S. As a string educator, Tom leads Fiddle Workshops throughout the Southeast. He teaches on the faculty of the Mark O’Connor String Method Camp (Charleston SC), also Fiddle Hell Gathering (Boston MA) and SCOR! Adult String Camps (Atlanta GA). HIs method book, Learn To Play Irish Trad Fiddle, was published in 2012 and has received positive reviews in publications including Fiddler magazine and Irish Music magazine. For more information visit www.thefiddlecenter.com and www.irishtradfiddle.com.

Fiddle II: Mastering an Authentic Irish Fiddle Style
Russell Hopper

This class is for fiddlers who play Irish tunes and want take their performance to the next level or have mastered American fiddle tunes and want to learn an authentic Irish style. Using tunes learned in the class, we’ll focus on ornamentation, bowing, tune variations and playing with a groove that makes folks want to get up and dance when they hear you play. We’ll also examine the styles of great Irish fiddlers of the past/present and learn the finer points of playing in advanced Irish music sessions.

Class Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Russell Hopper is a master Irish fiddler and teacher with over 25 years of performance experience. He holds an MA in Traditional Irish Music Performance from the Irish World Music Centre at the University of Limerick.

Russell is a frequent performer in venues throughout the United States and Ireland, including the Templebar Traditional Music Festival (Dublin), Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, North Texas Irish Festival and Berea Irish Music Festivals. Russell has competed at the national level, including qualifying for the Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann in duets and slow airs. When his fiddle is in its case, Russell works as a violin-maker and restorer from his violin shop in Birmingham.

Guitar I: Celtic Guitar Accompaniment for Tunes & Songs
Dan Vogt

This course is for beginner to intermediate guitarists.  Students will learn how to accompany songs and tunes in a variety of rhythms, including jigs, reels, waltzes, etc.  The common Celtic chord progressions, tune structures, and key signatures will be analyzed.  Standard tuning, alternate tunings (DADGAD), and capo use will be explored.

Class Level: Beginner/ Intermediate

With over 30 years playing experience, Dan Vogt brings his passion for guitar and love of traditional Celtic music to the ensemble setting.  In the early 1980s, Dan moved from Maryland to Tuscaloosa, AL to attend the University of Alabama.  In 1989, he cofounded The Guitar Gallery, Inc., which now has stores in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham.  Dan currently plays acoustic guitar in the traditional Celtic music groups The Vulcan Eejits.

Guitar II
Scooter Muse

Scooter's class cover the DADGAD basics for both strumming and fingerstyle acoustic guitar. Studets will explore a variety of ways to accompany vocals as well as tunes, facilitating the use of a number of moveable chords while retaining open strings to function as drones. 

Class Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Although Scooter Muse has his roots in Bluegrass and is quite an accomplished 5-string banjo player, he moved into the world of Celtic guitar in the late 1980s and then founded the Full Moon Ensemble, performing for 8 years across the U.S. and in Scotland before joining Henri's Notions in 2003. In 2005, Scooter released his first solo recording of original guitar instrumentals, Saddell Abbey, which was purchased by the Scottish Touris Bour in Kintyre. The Saddell Abbey Trust of Scotland calls the recording "a haunting and beautiful piece of music."

Irish Dancing (Set & Ceili): Their Figures & Patterns
Roberta Stamp

We will be covering two types of Irish Dancing – Set and Céilí. Irish Set Dances, descended from the French quadrilles and adapted to Irish music and steps, are danced by four couples in a square. Céilí Dances are in many forms, for couples or threesomes, in lines, squares, and circles, including several in four-couple sets. Several dances of each kind will be taught as well as a couple simple Céilí dances that can be danced at the evening musical gatherings at the camp. Both Set and Céilí dances are very social and a lot of fun!

Class Level: Beginner/ Intermediate

Roberta Stamp started Irish Dancing (Céilí and Sets) in 1990 and started teaching Irish Set Dancing in 2003 in order to ensure she would always have a group to dance the sets with. She taught a weekly class in Birmingham and led a performing dance group for 10 years. Currently she teaches workshops, calls Céilí’s for private parties and leads impromptu dances during monthly Celtic music sessions as requested.

Singing Traditional Scottish, Irish, and English Folk Songs
Jil Chambless

The emphasis of this class will be on learning a selection of songs - some favorites that I've picked up over 25 years of performing Celtic music. We may also listen to recordings of different versions of some of the songs by a variety of singers to her how differently they present, express and decorate a song. We will discuss some mechanical aspects of singing, as well, such as the importance of breathing, enunciation and phrasing. But mostly we'll sing! As an oral traditional, these songs will be taught by repetition and ear with lyrics provided.

Class Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Alabama native Jil Chambless has played an active role in the Celtic music scene for more than 25 years. As singer and flute and whistle player, Jil has completed many recording projects and performed at Celtic festivals and concerts across the U.S. as well as in Canada, Scotland, and Israel with the band Henri's Notions, guitarist Scooter Muse, singer Ed Miller, fiddler John Taylor the band Vulcan Eejits!, the Martin de Cogain Project, the John Whelan Trio, and others.