Farm Folk weekend 2018.jpg

august 31 - September 2, 2018

Join us in community over Labor Day weekend at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, Alabama. The weekend will be full of opportunities to reconnect with your heritage and obtain forgotten knowledge leading you back to your roots.

The Workshop will be divided into two different style classes, Major and Minor. Major Classes will have 3 different class times, and span across the entire weekend. By signing up for a major class, you will be able to dive deeper into the craft or skill of your choosing for the workshop. A minor class is a one to two hour long class on a specific farm based homesteading skill. Minor classes will allow one to learn a variety of new things over the course of one weekend. 

The weekend will begin Friday night with the option to stay until Monday. Activities include class time, free time, old time dancing and corn shucking, and a champagne brunch Sunday at the barn.

major classes

Pick 1 Major class and have access to available Minor Classes

Fiber Art Landscapes
Barbara Mitchell

Cast iron cooking
aubrey gallegos

fly fishing
brandon jackson

small animal harvest
andrew shea

beekeeping with mcdowell hives
annaliese danckers

Kids camp!

Ages 5 and under Lodging and meals

homesteading minor classes

Grants you access to all minor courses.

homesteading variety package

Soap making
Annaliese Danckers

Cheese making
carol ann head

farm care
james wallawander

jam Sessions
Bailey hill and ben ayers

Darren Hix

homestead gardening
james wallawender