Mini Classes


Bass with Jim Holland

Bass is the power that anchors the string band sound! We will learn the role of the bass, how to get good tone, how to "box", how to build strength through time not pain, and how to hear changes. We will talk about how to play along with different tune types, including waltzes. We will discuss the origins and when the upright made an intro into old time and country music. We will have several loaners for the class, because we know few folks keep one around. Adding upright to you skills is a great way to be the missing element that really adds to many acoustic settings.

Harmonica with Jamie Finley

I’ll be teaching some old-time tunes in the key of C. Rank beginners to expert players will enjoy making music together, each playing at his or her own level. I have half a dozen harmonicas to share; bring your own C harp if you have one.


Old-time music is all about dancing, so here’s your opportunity to dance or play for a dance or take turns doing both. If you want, you may even try your hand at calling a dance. Joyce Cauthen will guide you through  simple, old-timey squares and circle dances, and maybe a contra or two if asked. Jim Cauthen, a seasoned dance fiddler, will lead the band, helping the players choose good tunes and tempos for each dance.