Fiddle I: Bluegrass | April 5-8. 2018

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KingWilkesDream-Aster0140 edited.jpg

Fiddle I: Bluegrass | April 5-8. 2018


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Instructor: Robbi Podrug

($252 tuition + $97-427 lodging & meals package of choice)

This class covers how to play better, what to do when you plateau in your musical journey, how to play by yourself, in a band, with a singer, or using a microphone. We'll also cover how to train your ears, how to pursue a particular style of playing, where to look for inspiration, and how to learn new things on your own. We'll also discuss and practice how to figure out what's going on in a song you've never heard before, but are expected to solo on right now, and the inevitable--what to do if you crash and burn on a solo, and if all else fails, how to look like you know what you are doing, even if you don't.

Class Prerequisites: Students should be able to tune fiddle, be familiar with basic fingerings, and familiar with how to use a bow.  

Optional Class Materials: Bring a recording device, if you choose.

Class Level: Multi-Level

Robbi Podrug has been playing fiddle for a really long time. A friend once commented that you can always tell what she's feeling while she plays; the emotion comes right through the fiddle. She's been fortunate to play with a lot of bands in several genres (bluegrass, western swing, country, singer-songwriter duo) in different parts of the country.  The result is a playing style that is textural as well as musical. Her current band is King Wilkie's Dream, in Minneapolis.

Photograph courtesy of Dan Zimmerman.

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