Blacksmithing: Forging a Gate | Nov 9-11, 2018

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Brady_Photo by Edward Badham.jpg

Blacksmithing: Forging a Gate | Nov 9-11, 2018


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Instructor: Brady Jackson 

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Students will work together as a group to forge a garden gate to be installed at Camp McDowell. Students will learn how to measure, layout, and construct a working gate using all traditional forging and joinery techniques. 

Class Prerequisites: Students need to be able to hold and swing a hammer for several hours.

Required Class Materials: Students should bring all leather gloves, safety glasses, ear protection, and wear boots or closed toed shoes, long pants, long sleeves, and all cotton clothing. Synthetic fiber clothing is highly discouraged.

Class Notes: Blacksmithing is an inherently dangerous craft. We will work with extremely hot metals, sparks, sharp tools, and heavy tools. 

Class Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Brady Jackson was born and raised in Alabama and is a graduate of the University of Alabama. Brady has been a full-time professional blacksmith for seven years. With a educational background in archeology, he appreciates the intersection of form and function that is expressed in the blacksmith's craft. After managing an ornamental metal shop for 6 years, Brady recently opened his own shop in Birmingham, specializing in forged architectural work in steel and bronze.

Photograph by Edward Badham

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