Blacksmithing: Fire Place Tools | Nov. 8-10 2019


Blacksmithing: Fire Place Tools | Nov. 8-10 2019


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Instructor: Brady Jackson

($190 tuition + $40 materials fee + $71 - $291 lodging & meals package of choice)

Each student will learn the techniques required to forge basic hand tools, beginning with a center punch and a chisel, and finishing the second day and third day with tongs. Students will work in teams with a striker. The course will cover the following objectives:

  • Introduce fundamentals of working with tools steel, high carbon steel 
  • Controlled hand forging and striker forging
  • Understanding the form and function of various hand tools 
  • Understanding the hardening and tempering process

An additional supply fee of $40 will be collected by the instructor at the beginning of the class for tool steel. 

Class Prerequisites: Students should have some experience in blacksmithing, preferably at least one intro class or extensive home hobby experience. Students should come into the class with a familiarity with common blacksmithing tools, as well as the basic techniques of tapering, upsetting, and punching.

Class Notes: Please come with close toed shoes, preferably work boots, as well as long pants and a long shirt of cotton or other non-synthetic materials. Leather gloves and eye protection also recommended.  Blacksmithing involves very hot temperatures and the potential for burns. There are also risks involved in using the tools required in the class. Safety instruction will be given and safe practices emphasized throughout the class.

Class Level: Intermediate

Instructor TBA

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