Bluegrass Mandolin II | April 5-8 2018


Bluegrass Mandolin II | April 5-8 2018


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Instructor: Tom Rozum

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We'll explore the mandolin’s role in a bluegrass band, and how to construct bluegrass solos in the bluegrass tradition--emphasizing the melody (and some basic music theory), and then embellishing by using slides and double-stops. We will emphasize correct left and right hand technique, always stressing good tone production.

Class Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Class Prerequisites: One should be able to tune your mandolin, keep time, play principal chords and scales, and be able to play a few tunes with confidence (without sheet music).

Required Class Materials: Mandolin, tuner, sound recording device, pen & writing utensil

A quintessential stylist who creates mandolin breaks with the same passion and precision Monet put into his brush strokes, Tom Rozum ought to be recognized as a mandolinist of the first order.
— Mandolin Magazine

Tom Rozum has played mandolin professionally for 43 years, recording and touring internationally with Laurie Lewis for the last 30 years (having appeared many times on A Prairie Home Companion and The Grand Ole Opry). Always favoring musicality over flash, he has contributed his mandolin playing and singing on over twenty five albums with Laurie (two of which were nominated for Grammys). He has also taught mandolin at over a dozen music camps.

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