Guitar From Scratch | Feb 15-17, 2019

Joyce and guitar at AFS.jpg
Joyce and guitar at AFS.jpg

Guitar From Scratch | Feb 15-17, 2019


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Instructor: Joyce Cauthen

($190 tuition + $71 - $291 lodging & meals package of choice)

This will be a fun, relaxing class for people who have never held a guitar before or haven’t touched one in the last 25 years, if they ever did play.  If you don’t have a guitar, borrow one—an acoustic one, preferably with steel strings-- and bring it to class.  We’ll work on a basic boom-chuck style that can be used to accompany another instrument or singing.  If you have a tuner, capo and/or guitar pick, bring it.  I’ll furnish some if you don’t. 

Class Level: Beginner/Novice

Required Class Materials: Guitar with preferably steel strings.

Joyce Cauthen learned to play rhythm guitar (as an adult) in order to back up the fiddling of her husband, Jim. Throughout the past 30 years she has performed with two old-time string bands, the Red Mountain Yellowhammers and Flying Jenny and her playing can be heard on 6 CDs produced by those groups.  She has taught guitar at the Alabama Folk School and the Augusta Heritage Center in West Virginia.

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