Banjo I - Old Time | Oct 12-15, 2017

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BANJO-BIO (1).jpg

Banjo I - Old Time | Oct 12-15, 2017


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Instructor: Carter Laney

($240 tuition + $107-397 lodging & meals package of choice)

In this class we will delve into the rhythmic and melodic beauty that is clawhammer banjo! While learning several tunes in the old-time repertoire, we will focus on timing and what it takes to play with a fiddler. Along with melody, we will work with playing chords so that you can begin to play with others even if you haven’t learned the melody of the tune they are playing yet. We will also go over some basics for setting up your banjo and getting the sound that you want. Bring a tuner and a recording device and above all, let’s have some fun!!

Class Prerequisite: It is strongly recommended that students begin to let their index and/or middle fingernails grow at least one month before the class.

Required Class Materials: Bring your banjo, a tuner, a recording device, and some extra strings.

Class Level: Advanced Beginner

Carter Laney fell in love with old-time clawhammer banjo in 1995 at the Tennessee Valley Old-Time Fiddlers Convention, where he was mesmerized by the simple, rhythmic beauty of Kenny Spencer's style of playing the banjo. Carter then spent the next few years devoting many, many hours to learning the instrument. For a few years Carter played banjo in a local Birmingham band called Vulcan’s Britches--all the time studying the styles of old-timers like Kyle Creed, Fred Cockerham, Glen Smith and younger players like Richie Stearns, John Herrmann, Frank Lee, and Gordy Hinners. Nowadays, Carter mostly plays fiddle in his band, The Yahoos.

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