Old Time Banjo I | Oct 10-13, 2019


Old Time Banjo I | Oct 10-13, 2019


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Instructor: Tyler Andal

($252 tuition + $97-427 lodging & meals package of choice)

Learn to play the Banjo from Scratch! By the end of this class, Students will have a couple of tunes under their belt.

Class Level: Advanced Intermediate

Tyler has been a professional touring fiddle player since 2000.  He graduated from MTSU in 2007 from the college of mass communication at the age of 19.  When it comes to creativity, rhythm, chopping, bluegrass and American folk music, Tyler is one of the main go to fiddle players in town.

Tyler also is one of the best claw hammer banjo players of middle Tennessee .  In 2013, he won the Tennessee and Alabama state banjo contests as well as the national clawhammer banjo contest.

Tyler Andal now counts several camps and workshops among his professional musical credits. His enthusiasm as a teacher is infectious and since his 3 time National Clawhammer Banjo Championship wins at Uncle Dave Macon Days, his star is rising even faster and further than ever.   

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