Old Time Repertoire | Oct 11-14. 2018

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Old Time Repertoire | Oct 11-14. 2018


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Instructors: Spencer and Rains

($252 tuition + $97-427 lodging & meals package of choice)

Tricia Spencer & Howard Rains will teach fiddle tunes from the deep well of their repertoire of old time tunes from Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. These are older and more archaic tunes than are typically thought as being from Texas and the midwest. Tricia and Howard will also unlock the mysteries of their double fiddle sound with Tricia breaking down the seconding parts. Seconding on the fiddle allows a fiddler to focus on bowing and learn tunes more quickly. Although this is primarily a fiddle class, all instruments are welcome including back-up instruments like guitar.

Class Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Tricia Spencer and Howard Rains are many things: singers, fiddlers, artists... married.

Tricia Spencer is a Kansan who grew up learning the tradition of old time music from her Grandparents. At
an early age, she was perched up on some stage tapping her foot to the beat of fiddles, banjos, mandolins and
guitars. Tricia is multi-instrumentalist who has studied with some of the great masters in old time and is highly
sought after as a performer, dance fiddler, and instructor.

Howard Rains is a native Texan from a musical and artistic family whose two obsessions are painting and
playing the old style Texas fiddle music. Howard plays rare, old tunes learned from friends, family, mentors, and
old recordings. As much known for his painting as his fiddling, Howard has painted many of great old time
musicians, both living and gone.

Together, Spencer & Rains have performed nationally and internationally, singing traditional American folk
songs and playing old time fiddle. Both multi-instrumentalists, they are steeped in traditional music, yet at the
same time, taking traditions in new directions with their tight vocal harmony and unique twin fiddling. Tricia
and Howard integrate their folk art and folk music in new and exciting ways while staying true to the roots of
their music. Spencer & Rains can perform as a duo, trio (with bass) or a full, six-piece band.

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